Debt Busters

Partnerships for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals

Convert Your Declines, Turn Downs, and Potential Future Files into Revenue Today

In a time of compressed profitability margins and high interest rates, mortgage and real estate firms and professionals need every advantage to convert their efforts and marketing expenses into revenue. 

Debt Busters is here to help! Right now real estate and mortgage firms and agents are sending non-qualified candidates to us to help them on their debt relief journey and earning ongoing revenues from the partnership. 

72% of Declined Home Buyers or Loan Candidates Have Low FICO scores due to overloaded unsecured credit accounts, or unmanageable Debt to Income Ratios.

Mortgage or Real Estate firm/professional has to turn down a client because client has a 585 fico, $30,000 in credit card debt, and 1 car loan. 

Credit repair wont work because it wont actually resolve the outstanding debt. Debt Relief by Debt Busters could be a path for the client to become debt free and more viable as a candidate for services from the real estate or mortgage professional. 

Mortgage or Real Estate professional reaches out to their dedicated Debt Busters Account Manager. 

Agent/firm provides Debt Busters with client introduction. 


Account Manager presents a path to debt freedon in 2-4 years based on debt amount for 50% of what the client pays today on their unsecured debt. 

The typical client goes from $25,000 in debt and $45,000 in interest over a 15 year repayment period at $1,000/month in payments to: $400/month, 46 month repayment, 0 interest repaid, total program $18,400 inclusive of all fees; saving them $600/month and $51,600 overall.

If the client enrolls, the real estate or mortgage professional receives a marketing compensation on the first payment from the customer to their new Debt Settlement Savings Account. 

The marketing compensation is 2% of enrolled credit cards and/or personal loans; which on the example of $30,000 in credit cards is $825.

Upon succesful graduation of the program, the clients FICO score has sufficiently recovered for becoming a client for the real estate agent or mortgage professional!

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