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Types of Debt We Can Bust

We cover most unsecured debt and negotiate with major credit card issuers and banks every day to reduce debts.

Why Is Debt Relief Better?

Compare Debt Busters’ relief to debt consolidation loans, credit counseling, and minimum payments

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Case Studies

"My wife and I had $38,700 in credit card debt outstanding. When we received our personal debt review, with our interest rates it was going to take 19 years and $50,800 to payoff our debt. We were paying over $1500 per month on our cards. After debt relief enrollment, we paid $900 per month, saved $7000 per year in cash, and the program only ran 3 years. Talk about life-saving debt busting!" – 9/1/2022

 Before Debt ReliefAfter Debt ReliefSavings
Total Monthly Cost$1542$922$620/month
Number of Cards615
Total Balance$38,700$28,400$10,300
Years Remaining19316
Total All Payments$51,800$28,400$23,400

“I couldn’t believe how much debt I had racked up in school – and not just student loans! My credit card balances were over $23,000! I simply was having a hard time keeping up with rent, child care, student loans, and then another $900 a month in credit card bills. Debt Relief was exactly what I needed and I couldn’t be happier with how easy, confidential and smooth the process went. Thanks DB!” – 1/14/2023

 Before Debt ReliefAfter Debt ReliefSavings
Total Monthly Cost$830$482$348/month
Number of Cards312
Total Balance$23,249$17,352$6,921
Years Remaining16313 Years!!
Total All Payments$55,923$17,352$38,571

"Life through Corona threw me and mine for a ride. Woke up to $52,000 in debt with work checks that couldn’t keep up with the $2,000 monthly payments and sky-high interest. A great phone call led to a wonderful relief contract and getting back on the right track." – 2/1/2023

 Before Debt ReliefAfter Debt ReliefSavings
Total Monthly Cost$2084$1194$890/month
Number of Cards413
Total Balance$52,100$39,044$13,056
Years Remaining21318
Total All Payments$75,719$39,044$36,675

"My wife got laid off, my hours got cut, and it took us months to get new work and hours back up. It was a painless process, and our analyst explained everything, and the next month we saved over $300 off our payment and cut ten years off our payments!" – 12/24/2022

 Before Debt ReliefAfter Debt ReliefSavings
Total Monthly Cost$815$535$280/month
Number of Cards312
Total Balance$22,088$14,200$7,888
Years Remaining18315
Total All Payments$36,579$14,200$22,379

Let Debt Busters help you eliminate financial stress by reducing your payments, chopping your debt load, and putting you on a path to financial freedom.