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How FICO(Credit) Scores are Built

Alright, buckle up! We’re diving into the mystical world of FICO credit scores – it’s kinda like peering into a crystal ball that spits out a magical number determining your financial fate. Except, it’s not magic, it’s math and a wee bit of mystery. FICO, by the way, stands for Fair Isaac Corporation, the wizards behind the curtain who conjured up this system.

So here’s the dish. Your FICO score is a three-digit number ranging from the ominous 300 to the golden 850. Think of it like the adulting report card where higher scores have you beaming with pride, and the lower ones… well, not so much. Your score is that golden ticket lenders peek at when deciding if they’re gonna lend you some of their precious gold, and at what cost.

Now, you might be itching to know how this magical number is brewed. It’s a concoction of five spicy ingredients, each with its own unique flavor, mixing together in a cauldron of financial alchemy.

Ingredient one: Payment History (35% of your score) – It’s the Big Kahuna. Pay your bills on time, and you’re golden. Tardy payments? Your score takes a nosedive. If your having problems making your minimum payments, reach out to us now at 855-995-0010 or apply for a free financial review to see if we can help.

Ingredient two: Amounts Owed (30%) – This ain’t about the big bucks you owe but the ratio of borrowed moolah to available credit. Keep this potion balanced, or it might just explode.

Ingredient three: Length of Credit History (15%) – It’s like a fine wine, baby. The longer, the better. A seasoned history of credit makes lenders swoon.

Ingredient four: Types of Credit in Use (10%) – Mix it up with a cocktail of credit cards, mortgage, and other loans. Lenders get jitters if you’re a one-trick pony.

Ingredient five: New Credit (10%) – Easy there, cowboy. Opening too many new credit accounts in a short span is as suspicious as a cat at a dog show.

Now, hold onto your broomsticks, ‘cause it ain’t just one FICO score. Oh no, we’re talking about versions and versions of it – like sequels to a blockbuster movie. Different industries have their own tailored scores, so your number might shuffle around like a deck of cards depending on who’s asking.

The spooky part? FICO keeps the nitty-gritty details of the scoring model locked up tighter than a dragon’s hoard. They release just enough smoke and mirrors for us mere mortals to have a foggy understanding.

So, in a world swirling with financial spells and enchantments, your FICO score is the magical number that can open doors to castles filled with treasures or have them slammed shut. Treat it like a delicate potion, mix the ingredients with care, and who knows – the kingdom of credit might just be yours to rule!

And remember, in this game of scores, knowledge is power, and power is… well, an 850 wouldn’t hurt, right? And if your looking to get your FICO from the 400’s or the 500’s to the 800’s, give our analysts a call at 855-995-0010 or apply here now for your free financial analysis review

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