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Debt Busters Giving Away $25,000 on 4th of July

Debt Busters is going to give away $25,000 in credit card or personal loan payoffs to one lucky person or family on the 4th of July, 2023. 

What does it take to enter? Not much!! And it doesn’t cost anything to enter!

There are multiple ways to earn raffle tickets for the $25,000 giveaway:

  1. Join the email newsletter community(10 raffle tickets)
  2. Download the e-book “Exposing the Credit Industry” written by Debt Buster analysts(10 raffle tickets)
  3. Apply for a free credit repair analysis (25 raffle tickets)
  4. Apply for a no-cost, no- obligation debt relief quote from an analyst (100 raffle tickets)
  5. Make a payment on an enrolled debt relief, loan consolidation, or balance reduction program (100 raffle tickets).

Debt Busters will proudly support the 4th of July by announcing the winner live on all social media channels and on our website. 

Give us a call today at 855-491-8007 for more information or to apply for any of the above services.

Working for everyones financial independence,

Byron Cavell, CEO
Debt Busters

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