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Chris’s Direct Line: (916) 274-7690

how CHRIS will bust your debt

Debt Busters is founded on the principle that all people should be free from over-burdensome debt. To that end, Christian Chaddock   has over 5 years of financial services experience and can make sure that you have the best roadmap to debt relief and financial freedom.

The unique debt relief service we have developed will consolidate all of your multiple unsecured creditors into one payment, avoid bankruptcy, lower your monthly payments in total, and shave years or a decade off of repayment periods.

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We Build a
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Custom For You

Using our proprietary processes and tools, our agents can tailor a relief program to your specific situation.

The program starts for consumers with $10,000 or more in debt but goes all the way to $200,000.

We have multiple programs and the authority to custom tailor them to you.

You Save Thousands, Our Network Goes To Work On Your Behalf

Our goal is that you pay the least amount of funds possible on a monthly and total basis while having a clear path to credit restoration and financial freedom.


Debt Relief Options by Chris Chaddock, Debt Buster:

I am proud to be on the Debt Busters team, helping clients in English. We operate in 49 states, are IAPDA certified, and I can help you find debt and credit relief by providing:
  • consolidation loans, personal loans,
  • debt relief through balance reduction,
  • hardship programs,
  • credit repair.
Call me today at 916-274-7690 to learn what program can help you, or email me here.


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